SFM 2023 Appeal

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Our 2023 appeal is now on.

Our last appeal for assistance from you started around a year ago and although we were in the habit of putting the hat round twice every year, our cost base has reduced considerably over the last couple of years, so the annual appeal will be just that – once per year.

After the end of the last appeal, your generosity helped put us into a position where we could comfortably cover our cost until the end of summer. However our reserves are now used up, and we hope to be able to refresh them.

Since the pandemic our cohort of monthly subscribers has decreased dramatically, so we do rely on your periodic generosity to maintain the site.

We think that SFM plays an important part in the discourse and dialogue around our game, and we are determined to make that continue.

We hope that if you agree you will help us.

A special thanks to those of you who still contribute monthly, and our heartfelt thanks are also due to those who have ceased subscribing after years of unselfish support.

In order to achieve our aim on this round, we hope to raise £1000 to help us get ready for 2024 in a strong financial position.

We do know difficult it is for everyone in the current economic shambles, but if you can help us continue to make a difference, and if you agree with what we stand for and want us to continue – or if you just enjoy SFM, please consider making a small donation.

Any amount no matter how small is gratefully accepted as every little bit will help us get nearer the target.

Thanks again to everyone who has helped us stay healthy and online over the last twelve years. If you can help again, we hope you will.

SFM Appeal 2023

Target: £1000
Raised : £870.94