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SFM LogoScottish football, in the immediate wake of the Rangers FC liquidation, faced great challenges. Ten years on, the MSM have still failed to provide any sensible checks or balances on the actions of the authorities.

The Scottish Football Monitor aims to provide those checks and balance.

The cosy relationship that has existed, and continues to exist between the media and people at the top of Scottish Football has dissuaded those who may otherwise be moved to blow the whistle on wrongdoing. The Scottish Football Monitor aims, through time, and by winning the trust of ordinary fans, to fill a gap in the football media in Scotland.

Through these pages, we have built a community which at its peak had grown to over 15,000 regular readers with page views in excess of 40,000 per day, often approaching 50,000. Fans of all Scottish football clubs have come together in a spirit of friendly rivalry and mutual respect, drawing on the expertise of contributors, particularly in the areas of law and business, helping to expose misinformation, lies, corruption and lazy journalism.

The common purpose of almost all within our community is to hold the football authorities accountable to the fans, something they have avoided for almost 150 years. Our overarching purpose is to ensure that sporting integrity is the paramount consideration in the organisation of football. Our belief is that the clubs do not share that purpose.

We have sought to ask the questions in public which are often not asked by a mainstream media which has become in our view merely a broadcaster of PR issued by the financial and other vested interests within the sport. By doing so we believe that information is now in the public domain which otherwise would not.

The SFM has also provided a platform for some talented and innovative writers to gain access to our audience and affording our readership the benefit of their insight and the stimulus of debate that provokes. We see that an important secondary role – as an umbrella organisation providing a platform for ideas from across the spectrum of opinion on Scottish football.

Scottish Football Monitor asks contributors to remember only a few things;

1. The site is not the domain of any one club and is open to fans of all clubs.

2. Absolutely no discussion with regard to religion should take place.

3. Posters should refrain from using foul or abusive language.

4. If you have any problems with regard to moderation, please contact SFM directly.

5. For fuller guide to the use of this website, please visit out Terms and Conditions of Use page

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