Winter 2020 Fundraiser - Over £1700 raised

At the end of our winter campaign, you have contributed a massive £1770 to SFM funds. Thanks to everyone who has responded to our appeal.
Thanks also for the massive demonstration of moral support, confidence and your belief that SFM 's voice still needs to be heard, eight years after the massive fraud perpetrated on our national game - eight years of denial and cover up by the authorities and MSM.
We understand the financial situation that currently prevails for us all, so it all the more remarkable that you have not only helped us reach our target, but helped to replenish the contingency fund that was wiped out in late 2019,
Messages of thanks will be going out to those who donated, although many who sent us cash straight to the bank account have done so without leaving an address we can get them on.
Those kindnesses are appreciated greatly.
Of course we are still hoping that many of you who donate during our appeals will in the future consider a subscription to SFM. Please consider subscribing using the button below.
Once agin, our heartfelt thanks to you all.
Please consider subscribing to SFM.
As we have often said, if even a quarter of our readership pledged £3 per month to SFM, we would be more than self-sufficient in terms of funds

Total at 29 Feb: £1770.59

Target: £1500

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