A Lie for a Lie


The “Lawwell Letter” is trending everywhere this week. To elucidate, it is email sent to (among others) Peter Lawwell and Eric Riley of Celtic on 26 July 2012 by SPL CEO Neil Doncaster.

The email came with an attached copy of the Five Way Agreement (hereafter “5WA”, the deal between Sevco, Rangers, the SFA, the SPL and the SFL). Now that it has been made public, it seems safe to speak openly about what it all means for us as folk who believe in sporting integrity.

I would preface my comments with a caveat though. On the face of it, the Celtic Chief Executive appears to have misled the gathering at the recent Celtic AGM. He was asked by a shareholder if Celtic were involved in the Five Way Agreement. Lawwell replied, “No”, and gave same “No” response to the follow up question, “have you seen it?”

Given that a copy of that email was in the possession of a few folk before that AGM, I have to admit to being surprised by that answer – although even more surprised at the apparent lack of due diligence implied by the lack of knowledge of its content.

We have attempted to contact Mr Lawwell to ask him if he would like to comment on the apparent discrepancy between the evidence and his answer (and I am sure we are not the only ones to have done so). To date, we have received no response. Given the complete lack of acknowledgement of the existence of this anomaly in the MSM, we should perhaps assume that none will be forthcoming.

Perhaps there is an explanation (yes I know), but Celtic should know, like Rangers old and new have come to realise, that silence on these matters breeds deep suspicion and distrust.

Assuming for the minute that Occam’s Razor applies here, there may be an uncomfortable truth emerging for Celtic fans – that Rangers (old and new) do not have a monopoly on dishonesty. There is also an uncomfortable truth that should emerge for Rangers fans too – that as we have said all along, this has never been about just Rangers, but about the governance of the game.

If the Celtic CEO did lie to the AGM a few weeks ago what are the consequences? He broke no laws as far as I can see. One insider I spoke to said simply this,

“So he lied. So what? What happens now? It’s irrelevant”

That is of course absolutely true. As long as controlling shareholders are happy that Resolution 12 is buried, and that no deep inquiry into governance is held into the workings of the game in Scotland, the lie is nonpunishable, though it would be a mistake to believe that accountability is confined only to the corporate rules governing Boards and shareholders; the corporate veil of “I was only following company policy” can be readily challenged in the court of public opinion, which has no statute of limitations.

What all this demonstrates of course is that Celtic have been saying one thing to their fans and shareholders, nodding agreement in private meetings about how appalling Rangers behaviour was, tut-tutting over how amateurish the authorities were, and wringing their hands in frustration at what a sham the LNS inquiry turned out to be.

At the same time, they have done nothing, allowed small shareholders to spend not inconsiderable suns progressing the matter, and quietly hoped that the “appetite” for justice would diminish so they could get back to whatever it is they and the rest do when subject to little or no scrutiny.

Whilst ten in a row is on the table of course, they can get away with it. To Celtic fans right now, understandably, nothing else matters. But what if TIAR is derailed? Not a stretch to imagine that the Parkhead kitchen could get uncontrollably hot in that circumstance. And when the TIAR squirrel finally ends its scurry, in either success or failure, where will the fans attention be diverted?

Perhaps the arrogance that permits making (allegedly) false statements to a general meeting, and (allegedly) misleading shareholders over Res 12 is borne of the knowledge that the parachutes are ready to be deployed when either of the above scenarios come to pass? If TIAR is achieved or goes south, are they already prepared for an emergency exit?

Celtic have two major shareholders whose combined holding is over 50% of the club’s shares. Dermot Desmond and Nick Train. Desmond is now in his eighth decade and Train is reportedly having some business difficulties. Both may well be moved to get out anyway, but fan unrest would make their decision a whole lot easier.

And Lawwell himself is – if you believe the MSM – on the wanted list of nearly as many top clubs as Alfredo Morelos.

The foregoing of course is extremely “Old Firm” centric, and as the two biggest clubs in the country they certainly have the biggest impact on the game, culturally, socially and financially. However there is no get-out clause here for others.

We KNOW there is evidence of fraud surrounding the licencing issue in 2012. We KNOW there is evidence of a cover up over that, and the EBT-related registration issues for Old Rangers. We KNOW that the Five Way Agreement was signed by football authorities in the knowledge that it would rob their own rules of judicial authority with regard to compliance by RFC prior to 2012.

We also know that NOT ONE club has taken a meaningful stand against any of it.

Clubs are saying one thing to supporters and doing their best to derail those supporters’ efforts on the other. We can also infer (not unreasonably) that the folk who run the clubs think that we as fans have no right to interfere in how they run their operations.

As I said earlier, Celtic can do what they like whilst TIAR is live, but afterwards, however it ends, the fans and shareholders involved in Res 12 will still be asking questions. Celtic in particular know how fatal it can be to alienate their own fan base – a fan base that has flexed its muscles with devastating effect for the boardroom in the past. And it is the wrath of the fans of all clubs that will eventually see the charlatans get their just desserts.

Our job as fans is to continue to hold those who care little for the honour and beauty of football to account, to continue to press them on their refusal to deal with arguably the biggest sporting scandal in Scottish history.

The bottom line (which is of course what the folk in boardrooms care about) is this. They need us far more than we need them. As fans of different clubs, the sensibility of those of us at SFM recognises that the real battle, the real war, is not between rival fans or rival clubs, but between the arrogant, self-entitled clique who run our game; who lie for fun, who cheat and belittle the sport; and the good folk who make it possible for the game to prosper.

Resolution 12 is not just about Rangers – nor is it just about Celtic. It deserves to be embraced by every true football fan in the country. The Res 12 franchise needs to widened

Sooner or later the fans will demonstrate their unhappiness with the money men. They did it in 2012, and they will inevitably do so again.


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  1. Tony, apparently the Stevie G interview after the game, in Spanish, is saying the Ibrox club won 3-0 tonight.  Honestly that guy Traynor!

  2. Jimbo, during that post match interview you only had to look at Gerrard's coupon – which told you all you needed to know about the 'title challenge'.  

    No translation needed. broken heart


    Aye, Traynor is going to have pull a massive squirrel out of his hat tomorrow. 

    Can't wait…

  3. Winning the league was crucial to survival , they are all in . The only decision now is whether they throw millions more to survive or just call it a day . I believe an admin event is imminent now. (gut feeling)

  4. In the interests of symmetry,

    RIFC could do the decent thing, [for once], and call an insolvency event on Friday / Valentine's Day…


    And for completeness: a rambling, incoherent statement could also be released – late on Friday evening.   enlightened

  5. Timtim 12th February 2020 at 23:14
    ‘….I believe an admin event is imminent now. (gut feeling)’

    And you, Timtim, presumably ( or am I being presumptuous?) are not even a creditor of TRFC!

    I would imagine that a fair number of creditors are even now acting on their gut feeling and considering getting Counsel’s advice about trying to get monies owed to them ring-fenced against the possibility of a snap Admin?

    Especially those creditors who swallow the myth of ‘continuity Rangers’, whose reasoning would be : they’ve done it before, they’ll do it again.


  6. Jimbo@15.30

    Kevin Bridges was probably the quickest off the mark and incorporated the face painters’ predicament into his contemporaneous stage act. The image of directors in the blue room with their faces painted like tigers springs to mind.

  7. I believe it is a  15 pt reduction . King's latest drama (robbery and burglary) looks to gain sympathy from the hordes , he can now also blame Gerrard for the situation and claim he did his bit by backing him financially even though the players he got haven't actually been paid for yet. The foaming statements from Traynor reveal the level of pressure they are under . If they decide the league is lost then it's better to call Duff and Duffer sooner rather than later . Throwing more money in just to get to end of season intact doesn't solve any issues for next season . Do any of them really believe they can win a cup in Europe? A Scottish cup win does little to ease the balance sheet either. D Day may just have arrived.

  8. I wonder what would mean more to TRFC now, a win at Tynecastle in the Scottish Cup, or a draw! Obviously going through to the next round is vital now, possibly even for their survival, but a replay at Ibrox, netting them, possibly, a million quid, might just be the difference between seeing out the season or not.

    While not something the supporters would like, it must be a bit of a conundrum for the board. (Genuinely not suggesting they'd try to manufacture a draw, just that, financially, they might prefer it – and another couple of replays too)

    Just one more piece of idle speculation of a type that's kept me entertained throughout the Rangers/Sevco Saga after a relatively long (for the Saga) spell of inactivity here. But as has been said on numerous occasions over the last 7 or 8 years, we certainly do live in interesting times.

  9. When does the SDI situation crystallise? Is that the trigger? Big bad MA forcing the clumpany into admin? Not us Guv….a big boy (MA) did it and ran away.

    Makes sense to do it this season as the points deduction can be used to partially explain away 10IAR. If only, etc….

    So what's next if they do go into admin? A pre-pack? SDM to the rescue of new new 'Rangers'? Billionaires coming running?

    And, disgustingly, a continuing 'history' for the new club of having 'won' past titles and cups?

    Scottish Football needs a strong Arbroath.




  10. Gone 10.30 on the day after TRFC's title ambitions fell into terminal decline, almost 8 years to the day a similar thing had happened to Rangers. Anyone remember them?

    Anyway, any breaking news, lads? 'Plastic pitch caused us 3 points' type of thing? 'Kilmarnock tried too hard – they're all out to stop us' sympathy search? 'Morelos' wife upset at recent publicity is affecting his form and the rest of the team' understandably lame excuse? Or have they used up all their PR ideas? Or, heaven forbid, have the SMSM hacks suddenly realised they've been taken for as big a ride as their fellow bears have and are saying 'no more' to Level5's p*sh handouts for them to print critique free?

    Or have they just given up trying?

  11. I suppose one of the benefits of the recent statements will be the total absence in future of racist/sectarian chants from TRFC fans . It would be impossible to sing them from their high horse , shirley ?

  12. Just watched the Gerrard post match interview and have to say that, while clearly disappointed, he seems like a man now resigned to, and aware of, the true situation at his club. He sounded more of a realist than he, or any of his predecessors, had done before. Dare I say, he even sounded like this recent run of poor results was not entirely unexpected.

    He appeared disappointed, but not gutted. Not like a man who'd just watched what was, almost certainly, that last nail being hammered into his title hope's coffin. His general demeanour suggested to me he knew someone held that final nail, but just didn't expect it to turn up so soon.

  13. Can I just say something in Kilmarnock's favour?  Their pies are legendary. 

    Likewise Redlichtie's Smokies.  broken heart

  14. I forgot Forfar Bridies and Dundee Jam.
    Aberdeen Angus.

    Nobody can accuse me of not supporting football Scotland wide.

  15. Can I give a mention for the Ross County “Staggie pie” too. A tasty venison pie. On its introduction the now retired, and missed, stadium announcer Len was able to tell us “people ask are the pies dear? Of course they are deer 🦌!”


  16. "Rangers fans react: Fury after Kilmarnock defeat as many criticise Steven Gerrard's tactics"

    By Glasgow Times Sport


    Hmmm, that's a headline you wouldn't typically see in Chris Jack's Glasgow Times.

    Has Traynor finally run out of squirrels…?


  17. All this talk of Killie Pies. If memory serves me correctly they are not the same ones now as the original ones, which were produced by a local baker. Perhaps someone could clarify that?

  18. Gullabillies.   They are often accused of being hoodwinked by the media.  But are they?  The Ibrox fans can watch the games like the rest of us.  I read today that they are gobsmacked by last night’s result v Kilmarnock.  Because they were led to believe – by the media – after 29 December that they were going for 55.  Really?    They are not all stupid.  As far as football goes Celtic were always in front of them.  No surprises there.

    Where they might be gullible is off the pitch.  Believing in continuity myths.  Club/company shit.  Liquidation is liquidation.  

    I would like to believe if it happened to my club I would believe we are mark 2 of the founding club.

    That bastert green has a lot to answer for.   

    But even worse, he got away with it by the sluts at Hampden. (Sluts not suits).

  19. I didn't get Paddy's joke until I had read it for a 3rd time mail

    As I was bored I decided to take a leaf out of JC's book and send an enquiring email to the national press club in Sth Africa asking for help in verifying King's recent claims (reminding them of Judge Southwoods comments) I will of course post any reply that is forthcoming. The Press back here seem to be rather muted today , resorting to questioning the referees ability and reporting a Rangers* fan heard someone from the Kilmarnock section racially abuse Morelos. Maybe Mr Traynor is having a day off or someone has just taken his shovel away from him. I also note it has all gone very quiet on the promise of that new share issue that was mentioned at the AGM , maybe they are too busy sorting out a new kit deal for next season . It has just all gone very calm all of a sudden but that's what happens just before a storm.

  20. paddy malarkey 13th February 2020 at 21:08

    ‘…was looking for something else and found a Rangers Football PLC , incorporated on November 16th , 2012 , and having the same company number as RIFC -SC437060 .’

    No, paddym, just a change of name.

    Remember,the plan was always to go public by setting up a plc of which the original shareholders would be those who swapped their SevcoScotland shares for shares in the new plc on the launch of the (misleading ,in my opinion) IPO.

    It’s likely that CG and the others knew that he couldn’t use the name ‘Rangers Football Club plc’, because there had already been a ‘Rangers Football Club plc’, which was put into Administration then Liquidation ,and there are some rules enforced under the Companies Act 2006! 

    So he used a marginally different name ‘Rangers Football plc’ to get round that problem , then a few weeks later changed the name to the vainglorious ‘Rangers International Football Club plc’ to pretend that the investors would be investing in something big,  ‘the most successful club in world football’ with 500 000 000 supporters world wide, ready to splash their cash!

    As Josef G used to say, if you are going to lie, make the lie really big. People are more likely to believe it.

    I mean, they all believed Keef’s ‘MBMB’ didn’t  they?

    A lesson that a certain PR guru  certainly took on board.




  21. John Clark 13th February 2020 at 21:59

    Thanks for that , JC , and so eloquently put that even I understood it .

  22. Some might remember that on 28 December 2019 I sent an email to Dr Candy of HES [Historic Environment Scotland] querying her decision not to amend the entry in their 'listed buildings' list, which clearly says that Ibrox stadium is the home of Rangers Football club of 1872, and querying her academic detachment if it allows her to accept an actual untruth ( or words to that effect-canny be arsed looking my email) to be printed in HES material.

    I believe she dodged the column disgracefully (like our PR gurus and the SMSM generally) in a way which I find shocking in an 'academic'.

    So I've sent this reminder.

    To:Julie Candy

    13 Feb at 22:42

    Dear Dr Candy,

    Busy as you no doubt are, it is now a fair number of weeks since I emailed you. 

    Might you by now be in a position to reply to me, please?

    Yours sincerely,



    What is it with people who choose not to reply to correspondence?

    Have they no reply to make? Are they afraid to reply?

    There is an actual untruth in an HES 'publication'-why won't they try to prove that it is not an untruth and just shut me up with their 'proof'?'

    And what kind of 'academic' is it, that won't look at the facts, and to hell with propaganda?

    Would I now trust any kind of 'research paper' published personally by Dr Candy?

    Any more than I would trust a paper from Level 5?

    Seriously: can it be,  can it possibly be, that the tentacles of RFC of 1872 reach not only into the political government sphere  and Edinburgh University 'academics' but into the public service that we directly pay for?

    Dr Candy, if and when she replies, had better have a good explanation [ such as the SFA has not been able to supply] as to why HES believes that TRFC is Rangers of 1872!

    Utter nonsense from 'football people' is one thing.

    For any kind of professed academic to subscribe to that nonsense is something quite different.




  23. paddy malarkey 13th February 2020 at 22:35

    '..Thanks for that , JC , and so eloquently put that even I understood it .'


    The really important thing , I think, is that guys like you and me, should keep asking questions to force the smart guys to explain their actions in words and language that we understand .

    If the smart guys are speaking truth, and we can see the truth in their explanations, great. No problem. 

    The problem lies( huh!) with secrecy, non-communication, false communications….

    I expect that  of the SFA and SMSM.

    I did not expect it of 'academics'.

    Bloody well annoys me , to tell the truth, if any academic bows to 'political' pressure. 

    Eppure si muove , said your man Galileo Galilei ( under his breath, granted!)






  24. Ex Ludo 14th February 2020 at 00:40

    '..A wee diversion.'


    Nay, rather a wee reminder of hard facts!

    "Third Lanark went out of business in 1967 as a result of mismanagement" 

    As did Rangers of 1872,

    Scottish Football Governance was quite happy to accept the death of Third Lanark then.,caused by mismanagement !

    How absolutely corrupt must they be to have accepted in more recent times actual cheating , proven cheating, and to have manufactured a wholly ridiculous lie to protect the most cheating football club there ever has been!

    Honest to God.

  25. John Clark 14th February 2020 at 01:06

    Nay, rather a wee reminder of hard facts!

    "Third Lanark went out of business in 1967 as a result of mismanagement" 


    They did, and it remains a tragedy. Last year I went to see Cathkin Park for the first time. I have been to Hampden countless times but never did I ever take that 10 minutes out to see the famous old ground nearby. It was a weekday, very peaceful, and the sun was shining. I was delighted to see that areas of the terracing are being restored, and the crush barriers have been painted.  There was something very poignant just standing there leaning against a barrier, thinking of what once was. An older gent I spoke to told me football anoraks from all over the UK come to see the ground. Reading the history of their demise shows how it just didn't need to happen. I believe the club who benefited most from their demise was the fairly nearby Pollok Juniors,  as the Thirds Fans could not support another senior team, and who could blame them. Your team, and memories of your team are for life. 

  26. I know that other organisations have been very poor, to say the least, at responding to emails, letters etc so well done to the office of the ​Children and Young People’s Commissioner Scotland for getting back to me so quickly.

    I am posting the response in full but without naming the responder respecting GDPR. The email is ended by a number of standard statements including "Any views expressed by the sender of this email are not necessarily those of Children & Young People’s ​Commissioner Scotland."


    "Thank you for sending on the article.  I have discussed your concerns about the wording you have highlighted with our Head of Advice and Investigations. We do not believe that the text implies guilt and in any case it does not identify the young person involved. In terms of fairness in the legal process, the law requires the Children’s Reporter or the Procurator Fiscal to ensure that the necessary evidential standard is met before proceeding any further and those decisions can be tested in court.


    However, if you would like a further opinion on this, you may wish to contact the Independent Press Standards Organisation who are the independent regulators for the UK newspaper and magazine industry (https://www.ipso.co.uk/contact-us/) for their advice.


    Should the young person themselves have any concerns, they could of course contact us directly for advice."


    I have not received any response, even an acknowledgement,  regarding my email to the office of the Children's Reporter 



  27. Had a quick look around the online media this morning and the general theme is 'where did it all go wrong for Rangers?'. Aside from the fact the league is not over yet I Simply can't understand why Rangers could end 2019 on such a high, then effectively go to war with the world. Why not take the plaudits, and keep focused on the park? Instead they went straight onto the attack and entered a disastrous PR campaign surrounding their star player. This has resulted in a complaint to Ofcom which Rangers, or someone working on their behalf may be implicated in, and some mainstream media people actually putting their head above the parapet to criticise the absolutely ridiculous nature of the PR coming from Ibrox. 

    It was all so unnecessary, and I would not bet against Steven Gerrard thinking that too. 

  28. J.J I think that article could also be shrunk right down to the main point;

    "It was the Winter Break's fault!"

    broken heart


  29. upthehoops 14th February 2020 at 10:52:

    My view:

    TRFC made a decision to go ‘all in’ with Morelos this transfer-window just past. 

    This was probably in train way before they ‘won the league’ () on 29.12.19. 

    This has back-fired on them, bigly: the sending-off & subsequent ban, the gestures, the long investigation into allegations of racism towards him, Lambogate, Skygate, the ever-more ludicrous transfer speculation (Barcelona! No, it’s Liverpool!) etc. etc.

    As a consequence of all the attention, Morelos’ head has been affected: worse than that, team unity has suffered. Look at the results since the break; I wonder how many players feel ‘unloved’, simply because all the attention is focused on one individual? Certain players barely broke a sweat against Killie; that would indicate that the manager is in danger of ‘losing the dressing-room’. The worry there is that, in the current first-team squad, TRFC seem to lack an individual strong-minded enough to pull them back together. Even the manager’s default is to blame the players’ lack of mental strength. Gerrard himself has questions to answer: his inexperience is showing through as it did at a similar period last season. Hasn’t he learned?

    Finally, TRFC’s response to anything ‘bad’ is to appeal to the staunchness of their fans: WATP. They, and their PR guru, appeared to have control of the SMSM & could plant the most ridiculous stories, knowing that the sycophantic Chrisses & Keiths would happily run them. It’s strange that Skygate has made the turgid worm that is the Scottish media begin to turn & reconsider its position, at least temporarily. Has someone told Traynor that, when you’re waist-deep in sh*t, you don’t go snorkelling?

  30. adam812 14th February 2020 at 09:44

    ‘…so well done to the office of the ​Children and Young People’s Commissioner Scotland for getting back to me so quickly.’

    That was an excellent response you got, adam812,and speaks volumes for the fundamental honesty and sensible management of the CYPCS.

    It is that kind of response that we ought to expect as a matter of course from our public bodies,  large corporations and the  governance bodies of our sports organisations.

    Allowing for all necessary and legally required confidentiality  when we ask questions about their use of their powers etc, such agencies should be prepared to provide reasoned responses justifying their actions, or, if necessary, apologising for errors or misuse of their powers.

    Failing to do so, or simply ignoring questions, leads one to believe they have no proper justification and/or have something to hide.

    As I believe ,for example, that the SFA have. 





  31. Rangers* have served proceedings on Elite Sports for £2.8m  for the amount they say they are owed for supply of kits and other products. So Elite have decided not to cave in and part with the money that will probably be due to Ashley anyway . Remember that Elite do have indemnity from Rangers* should SDI come calling . It's all getting a bit messy (and expensive) . On the plus side they now have one more party to blame for their troubles .Elite can join Gerrard , SDI , corrupt refs , racist children , the Corona virus , Close Leasing  and the unseen Vatican hand that controls the SFA. Pity tho as I'm sure that £2.8m would be very handy right now.

  32. “Timtim 14th February 2020 at 17:09

    Rangers* have served proceedings on Elite Sports for £2.8m  for the amount they say they are owed for supply of kits and other products. So Elite have decided not to cave in and part with the money that will probably be due to Ashley anyway . Remember that Elite do have indemnity from Rangers* should SDI come calling . It’s all getting a bit messy (and expensive) . On the plus side they now have one more party to blame for their troubles .Elite can join Gerrard , SDI , corrupt refs , racist children , the Corona virus , Close Leasing  and the unseen Vatican hand that controls the SFA. Pity tho as I’m sure that £2.8m would be very handy right now.”

    If I was SDI, I’d be making an application to the appropriate court to have this money placed in escrow of some kind. There is likely to be a substantial award in SDI’s favour in the near future and this cash due from Elite, if it gets into the hands of Rangers*, will disappear like sna’ aff a dyke.

    Scottish Football needs a strong Arbroath.

  33. Timtim 14th February 2020 at 17:09

    "..Rangers* have served proceedings on Elite Sports."


    Good spot, Timtim!

    The full statement


    "THE Rangers Football Club Limited (Rangers) has served proceedings on LBJ Sports Apparel Limited trading as Elite for payment of the sum of £2,840,236.75 plus interest and expenses.

    The payment relates to sums that require to be paid to Rangers by Elite in terms of the Agreement between Rangers, Elite and Hummel A/S for the manufacture and supply of Rangers Kit and other products."

  34. I'm pretty sure that currently, RIFC/TRFC has a list of aged, overdue supplier payments – as long as the Clyde – and growing daily.


    Now, if I was a p!ssed off supplier, and I read about these proceedings against Elite, I'd be thinking;

    – that's rich! [pardon the pun]

    – well if they think it's OK to take a business partner to Court over unpaid monies, I just might get a bit stroppier when getting fobbed off by the Ibrox Finance Department, when I ask about my own money due.

    – IF RIFC/TRFC somehow secured c.£3M cash, then I'd be at their door ASAP demanding my money – or the bailiffs are coming instead…along with a few others perhaps…?


    Doubt that RIFC/TRFC will see the cash, but if they did then everybody and their dug would be lining up to collect their cash – as they know there is cash at Ibrox but only very temporarily!

  35. The next move should see SDI approach Elite for that same 2.8m which would allow Elite to then invoke their indemnity clause which would then see Rangers* having to then fight SDI to keep the money they haven't got yet. What is guaranteed is the lawyers will end up with a hefty amount as always , so Rangers* may just have set off another chain of events in which they end up out of pocket . Either they haven't thought this out properly which is quite feasible or they are totally desperate for cash and are trying their luck also quite feasible. If anyone is going to come to a deal here it will be SDI and Elite. 

  36. Manchester City well and truly f f p’d by UEFA this evening. I’m hoping that the SFA are paying attention. 

  37. It is science fiction at present but a Brazilian drama on Netflix may suggest a way of solving sectarian and racist abuse once and for all! 

    In Omniscient everyone has a very small personal surveillance drone that monitors them 24 hours a day. Contravention of the rules of law results in a punishment immediately with no chance of challenging the ruling because audio and video evidence proves it.

    It got me thinking that it sounds a great solution for us in Scotland but then think about who sets the parameters?

    Just consider if the company running it in Scotland was called Surveillance For All would we be confident that the drone master would work in everyone's interest without fear or favour?

    I wish to make it clear that I abhor sectarianism and racism and the above is not meant to minimise the harm it causes. I welcome every step to stamp it out but this must be carried without fear or favour. Uefa has done it so it is possible. 

    Spoiler alert it's not straightforward in Omniscient either 

  38. Ex Ludo 14th February 2020 at 19:21

    But they are too big to be punished in this way.

    Wait, where have I heard something like that before. 

  39. Timtim 14th February 2020 at 19:16

    ‘…or they are totally desperate for cash…’

    Does lodging a  claim for payment of a debt supposedly owed to it allow a Company to state the debt due as an asset when doing their accounts, for the purposes of showing that it isot insolvent?

  40. The limit is 25m losses over 3 years  the last 2 seasons saw losses of  14.3m and 11.3m , while there is some leeway taken into account for infrastructure spending it leaves very little wiggle room with the 2019/20 figures . I believe the 2.8m they are currently fighting for was counted as an asset so this figure can now be added to the shortfall which was conservatively thought to be 10m . If Uefa can bar Man City they will have no issue in barring Rangers* and the income from Europe is a crucial component for them to function. Giving Gerrard and Morelos bumper long term contracts in the hope of cashing in should other clubs come calling may have backfired . If the Gerrard project implodes then it will be very expensive to pay him off , similarly if Morelos loses form and resorts to ill discipline then  he along with Kent will be burning a hole in the pocket . Finally some good news , as far as I know Dave King wasn’t robbed at gunpoint today.

    @JC I hadn’t seen your question before posting I can only assume we are developing a psychic understanding lol.

  41. BBC report on Man City European ban.


    This paragraph stood out to me;

    "Clubs need to balance football-related expenditure – transfers and wages – with television and ticket income, plus revenues raised by their commercial departments. Money spent on stadiums, training facilities, youth development or community projects is exempt."

    That reads to me that Director loans should not be used for football-related expenditure, (transfers and player wages etc.). I can't believe the many millions "loaned" to 2angers were all spent on stadium maintenance, youth development and community projects. Hence they would appear to be in direct contravention of these rules???

    Or have I got the wrong end of the stick?


  42. John Clark 14th February 2020 at 19:44

    Timtim 14th February 2020 at 19:16 ‘…or they are totally desperate for cash…’

    Does lodging a claim for payment of a debt supposedly owed to it allow a Company to state the debt due as an asset when doing their accounts, for the purposes of showing that it isot insolvent?


    Good shout there JC!

    In the RIFC audited accounts – at best – the claim could be a Note to the accounts as a Contingent Asset.  It wouldn’t be included in the numbers in the Accounts though.


    if you were the ‘highly creative’, unqualified accountant Dave King – and you hadn’t yet been robbed of that fag packet…

    then you could – absolutely – recklessly add the full £2.8M to your totally unaudited Interims – due out this month!


    He wouldn’t… would he…?  indecision

  43. According to an earlier court document, the Hummel/Elite/TRFC agreement makes the following reference, "At page 6, Hummel agreed that in the event of Elite’s insolvency, Hummel would undertake Elite’s obligations and undertakings."

  44. Timtim 14th February 2020 at 17:09



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    Rangers* have served proceedings on Elite Sports for £2.8m for the amount they say they are owed for supply of kits and other products. So Elite have decided not to cave in and part with the money that will probably be due to Ashley anyway . Remember that Elite do have indemnity from Rangers* should SDI come calling . It’s all getting a bit messy (and expensive)
    I believe that shirts have to be registered by 30, june each year. If these court cases drag on, and we know they do drag on, it does not leave the ibrox club much time to have these court cases concluded, find a new supplier and and kit maker. Or is the ibrox club not thinking too far ahead to worry about this?
    And after all the court cases who would do business with the club? It will be very hard and a long slog before any kit maker and supplier would put pen to paper on an agreement with the ibrox club.

  45. John Clark 14th February 2020 at 19:44



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    Timtim 14th February 2020 at 19:16

    ‘…or they are totally desperate for cash…’

    Does lodging a claim for payment of a debt supposedly owed to it allow a Company to state the debt due as an asset when doing their accounts, for the purposes of showing that it isot insolvent?
    John Bradshaw
    This is the balance sheet (albeit end of 2018) of LBJ Sports (aka Elite), from whom Rangers seek to recover £2,840,236.75.

    Good luck with that.

  46. Timtim 14th February 2020 at 20:05

    '..@JC I hadn’t seen your question before posting I can only assume we are developing a psychic understanding lol.'


    My favourite chocolate biscuits when visiting the grandweans in Brisbane are called 'Timtams': 

    psychic understanding via chocky bickies and blog names? broken heart

    But wheesht! People may  begin to talk!

    I think you and StevieBC (@21.17) answered what was tugging at my memory about 'contingent assets'. 

    What I had been thinking about was the occasion when a creditor of TRFC had sought 'ring-fencing' of the money he was owed, arguing that at the time there was every likelihood that insolvency was looming, and he wanted to make sure the money would be there to pay him!( I would need to look up the record to see what case that was), and my thoughts were on how exactly the judge decided that Administration was not likely, and could he have been informed that there were 'contingent assets' -monies that might come in if certain things in the pipeline happened.

    That business was conducted in the judge's chambers, so I never heard the grounds for the judge's decision. [This is not in any way to suggest that anything other than the legitimate protection of commercially sensitive information was involved!]


  47. Cluster One 14th February 2020 at 23:05

    your twitter link to JBLuvsCeltic


    Again, Cluster One, what a handy post ( I have a Twitter account, but very ,very seldom look at it and never now post on it, my last tweet being to James Dolman during the 'trial')


  48. easyJambo 14th February 2020 at 22:32

    '…Hummel would undertake Elite’s obligations and undertakings."


    I wonder, eJ, whether that undertaking would extend to accepting liability for 'obligations and undertakings' that Elite entered into without ensuring that the party with whom they were contracting were legally free to contract with them?

    The argument would be that  Elite owed it to itself, never mind anyone else, to ensure that TRFC were legally free to switch suppliers. They must be expected to have known that TRFC was in contract with SDIR, and should therefore have ensured that TRFC was legally free to end that contract , or depart from its terms, and offer them a contract. 

    The argument would then be that Hummel had no obligation for debts incurred by a feckless company which incurred those debts negligently and with  a reckless disregard of sound commercial practice and the need for  'due diligence' before any business transaction?



  49. From the use of the words ' and expenses' in the TRFC statement, I assume that the action will be in the Scottish Courts? In England and Wales, the word 'costs' is used. 

    I hope it is here, for I enjoy my wee trips to the Court of Session.

    And, seriously, I would encourage anyone whose only knowledge of 'court' is based on TV to take the time to wander in to any Court room where any kind of legal action is being pursued and sit for an hour or two, or as long as your bum (in the older court rooms) can stand [?sit?] the strain.

    I say this because I was alarmed today when I read  about the 'take back control from the Courts' plans of the new UK Attorney General.

    A man called Adolph had similar plans, and carried them into effect. 

    Any suggestion that the government of the day should tell the judiciary how they should apply the laws that Parliament has passed is absolutely monstrous. Not an opinion of mine, but an absolute fact!


  50. JohnClark@00.32

    “I say this because I was alarmed today when I read  about the 'take back control from the Courts' plans of the new UK Attorney General.”

    If that doesn’t work for the new AG she can always take a leaf out of the SFA playbook and start appointing tame judges like LNS. Without getting too political on here there are ominous signs  that the UK is going down a dark path.

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