A Lie for a Lie


The “Lawwell Letter” is trending everywhere this week. To elucidate, it is email sent to (among others) Peter Lawwell and Eric Riley of Celtic on 26 July 2012 by SPL CEO Neil Doncaster.

The email came with an attached copy of the Five Way Agreement (hereafter “5WA”, the deal between Sevco, Rangers, the SFA, the SPL and the SFL). Now that it has been made public, it seems safe to speak openly about what it all means for us as folk who believe in sporting integrity.

I would preface my comments with a caveat though. On the face of it, the Celtic Chief Executive appears to have misled the gathering at the recent Celtic AGM. He was asked by a shareholder if Celtic were involved in the Five Way Agreement. Lawwell replied, “No”, and gave same “No” response to the follow up question, “have you seen it?”

Given that a copy of that email was in the possession of a few folk before that AGM, I have to admit to being surprised by that answer – although even more surprised at the apparent lack of due diligence implied by the lack of knowledge of its content.

We have attempted to contact Mr Lawwell to ask him if he would like to comment on the apparent discrepancy between the evidence and his answer (and I am sure we are not the only ones to have done so). To date, we have received no response. Given the complete lack of acknowledgement of the existence of this anomaly in the MSM, we should perhaps assume that none will be forthcoming.

Perhaps there is an explanation (yes I know), but Celtic should know, like Rangers old and new have come to realise, that silence on these matters breeds deep suspicion and distrust.

Assuming for the minute that Occam’s Razor applies here, there may be an uncomfortable truth emerging for Celtic fans – that Rangers (old and new) do not have a monopoly on dishonesty. There is also an uncomfortable truth that should emerge for Rangers fans too – that as we have said all along, this has never been about just Rangers, but about the governance of the game.

If the Celtic CEO did lie to the AGM a few weeks ago what are the consequences? He broke no laws as far as I can see. One insider I spoke to said simply this,

“So he lied. So what? What happens now? It’s irrelevant”

That is of course absolutely true. As long as controlling shareholders are happy that Resolution 12 is buried, and that no deep inquiry into governance is held into the workings of the game in Scotland, the lie is nonpunishable, though it would be a mistake to believe that accountability is confined only to the corporate rules governing Boards and shareholders; the corporate veil of “I was only following company policy” can be readily challenged in the court of public opinion, which has no statute of limitations.

What all this demonstrates of course is that Celtic have been saying one thing to their fans and shareholders, nodding agreement in private meetings about how appalling Rangers behaviour was, tut-tutting over how amateurish the authorities were, and wringing their hands in frustration at what a sham the LNS inquiry turned out to be.

At the same time, they have done nothing, allowed small shareholders to spend not inconsiderable suns progressing the matter, and quietly hoped that the “appetite” for justice would diminish so they could get back to whatever it is they and the rest do when subject to little or no scrutiny.

Whilst ten in a row is on the table of course, they can get away with it. To Celtic fans right now, understandably, nothing else matters. But what if TIAR is derailed? Not a stretch to imagine that the Parkhead kitchen could get uncontrollably hot in that circumstance. And when the TIAR squirrel finally ends its scurry, in either success or failure, where will the fans attention be diverted?

Perhaps the arrogance that permits making (allegedly) false statements to a general meeting, and (allegedly) misleading shareholders over Res 12 is borne of the knowledge that the parachutes are ready to be deployed when either of the above scenarios come to pass? If TIAR is achieved or goes south, are they already prepared for an emergency exit?

Celtic have two major shareholders whose combined holding is over 50% of the club’s shares. Dermot Desmond and Nick Train. Desmond is now in his eighth decade and Train is reportedly having some business difficulties. Both may well be moved to get out anyway, but fan unrest would make their decision a whole lot easier.

And Lawwell himself is – if you believe the MSM – on the wanted list of nearly as many top clubs as Alfredo Morelos.

The foregoing of course is extremely “Old Firm” centric, and as the two biggest clubs in the country they certainly have the biggest impact on the game, culturally, socially and financially. However there is no get-out clause here for others.

We KNOW there is evidence of fraud surrounding the licencing issue in 2012. We KNOW there is evidence of a cover up over that, and the EBT-related registration issues for Old Rangers. We KNOW that the Five Way Agreement was signed by football authorities in the knowledge that it would rob their own rules of judicial authority with regard to compliance by RFC prior to 2012.

We also know that NOT ONE club has taken a meaningful stand against any of it.

Clubs are saying one thing to supporters and doing their best to derail those supporters’ efforts on the other. We can also infer (not unreasonably) that the folk who run the clubs think that we as fans have no right to interfere in how they run their operations.

As I said earlier, Celtic can do what they like whilst TIAR is live, but afterwards, however it ends, the fans and shareholders involved in Res 12 will still be asking questions. Celtic in particular know how fatal it can be to alienate their own fan base – a fan base that has flexed its muscles with devastating effect for the boardroom in the past. And it is the wrath of the fans of all clubs that will eventually see the charlatans get their just desserts.

Our job as fans is to continue to hold those who care little for the honour and beauty of football to account, to continue to press them on their refusal to deal with arguably the biggest sporting scandal in Scottish history.

The bottom line (which is of course what the folk in boardrooms care about) is this. They need us far more than we need them. As fans of different clubs, the sensibility of those of us at SFM recognises that the real battle, the real war, is not between rival fans or rival clubs, but between the arrogant, self-entitled clique who run our game; who lie for fun, who cheat and belittle the sport; and the good folk who make it possible for the game to prosper.

Resolution 12 is not just about Rangers – nor is it just about Celtic. It deserves to be embraced by every true football fan in the country. The Res 12 franchise needs to widened

Sooner or later the fans will demonstrate their unhappiness with the money men. They did it in 2012, and they will inevitably do so again.


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  1. David Currie was referring to BSC Glasgow JC. I think they were formed about a year after Sevco. I bet the producer was having kittens when he said it, thinking where is he going with this!! 


    Just a pity, BSC didn't draw TRFC rather than Hibs this weekend. Some of the contorted gymnastics from the EBT'd pundits would have been tremendous.

  2. normanbatesmumfc 7th February 2020 at 14:46

    '..It would appear you're not alone JC…'


    That's a good spot, nbmfc, and encouraging. 

    I might send a wee email to Rachel Mortimer.


  3. https://www.change.org/p/bbc-scotland-bbc-scotland-reinstate-michael-stewart?recruiter=false&utm_source=share_petition&utm_campaign=psf_combo_share_initial&utm_medium=whatsapp&utm_content=washarecopy_20197986_en-GB:v1&recruited_by_id=977d89b0-49d5-11ea-8819-bb9f090674fb


    Petition to reinstate Michael Stewart at the BBC

    Hope you don’t mind me repeating the link to the new page. Thanks to all who have signed. 1,500 so far.

    If anyone deserves our support it’s Michael Stewart, he made BBC Scotland almost tolerable.  A light shining in the darkness.  I like Willie Miller too but he sticks to on field stuff.

  4. Can’t believe The Evening Times on line has an article reporting on the petition for Michael Stewart. With a link to it!  We are led to believe by JJ that Traynor has influence at that paper!

  5. normanbatesmumfc 7th February 2020 at 14:46


    Anent my post of 20.54 tonight I'll definitely write to Rachel Mortimer!

    I went into my email inbox about half an hour ago , not having accessed it since earlier this morning. 

    Lo and behold, what do I find?

    This email :

    Complaints Scheme <complaints@fca.org.uk>


    Cc:Complaints Scheme

    7 Feb at 16:35

    Dear Mr  .. 

    Thank you for your email of 3 February 2020.

    We have checked our records and have liaised with the relevant departments in relation to the correspondence you told us that you have sent to the Financial Conduct Authority. Unfortunately we have no record of these. We would be grateful if you could provide us with these documents again and we will forward it to the relevant areas to review and respond to.

    We look forward to hearing from you.

    Yours sincerely

    FCA Complaints Team "

    That is identical to a previous email about not being able to find my correspondence!

    Not being able to find snail-mail letters is one thing: not being able to find emails is unheard of.

    It instantly raises the suspicion that someone is deleting stuff in the hope that it might go away and they can plead ignorance or accident.

    Ms Mortimer will get the whole story and copies from me as soon as I can compose myself and draft an appropriate letter.

    Thanks again, nbmfc. 


  6. Allyjambo 7th February 2020 at 17:42



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    I wonder if it’s ever happened before; a football club boasting about the value of a player they don’t own?

    Or a…

    football club bigging up the value of a player they are supposedly intending to buy (if his loan period is successsful).

    The stupidity of TRFC’s PR efforts really do take some beating…in the laughter stakesmail But not only that, they really do take great efforts to make sure their support look as stupid as they are gullible.

    Pure deflection by the club. The fans were promised a share issue in Jan and large investment believed to be coming from Hong kong, and many of the fans were hoping for some money to be spent on January signings to boost the squad.
    Instead of the ibrox fans thinking we got nothing, they are now high on a loan player being valued at £100mill. So from thinking we got nothing too we have a player worth £100mill.
    Deflection job done.

  7. Cluster One 7th February 2020 at 22:39 

    There can be no doubt that it is all deflection, but their deflections are becoming ever more ludicrous, and should surely be seen by the most sentient of bears, at least, as downright insulting to all of them.

    I'm sure he was first announced as a loan signing with a view to a permanent move, yet, here they are, saying the very opposite to what any sane business would say when intending to negotiate a purchase in the not too distant future. Any statement they make, if serious (we all know they're not) should qualify their bumming up of a loan player with the word 'but…' and definitely not put some fanciful price tag on him that makes it obvious they have no intention of signing him.

    In true Ibroxian style, they are doing a 'reverse Morelos' with this one, just ever more ludicrous. They're even pricing him at five times the top fairy tale price they bandied about for their greatest ever player.

  8. AllyJambo@23.09

    The deflection is deployed on the same day CFC announce interim financials. Coincidence? Joincidince? (Friends reference)

    I’m signing off now. I’m 3 generous measures into Auchentoshan Dark Oak. 

  9. I suppose the next 3 months or so are going to be a real test of Gerrard’s managerial abilities?

    TRFC is still within touching-ish distance of a first title – and a SC win is still doable.

    The transfer window has slammed shut without any incoming signings of note, (I.e. nothing to compare with Defoe and Davis last year).

    But on the plus side, their star player Morelos is still at Ibrox.  He didn’t get a transfer – as he allegedly expected – and to compound possible frustrations, he has VERY publicly suffered the humiliation of both Lambogate and Translationgate. no

    For a player who displays petulance – and cheating – on the field of play, mibbees he’s like that off the field too?

    …and he could now be carefully lining up his toys – prior to violently ejecting them out of his pram?

    Could be tricky for Gerrard to control?

    And on top of recent, poor results, Gerrard has to lift his squad to actually win something this season.

    And then there could be increasing noise off the field about the Ibrox finances, and even about Agent Whyte’s book…?


    I don’t think it looks too promising for the Ibrox outfit this season – but as we all saw in the LC, if Gerrard can manage his squad effectively, then a SC win is certainly still achievable.

  10. StevieBC 8th February 2020 at 07:48
    And then there could be increasing noise off the field about the Ibrox finances, and even about Agent Whyte’s book…?
    With Whytes short stay at ibrox he knows how to play the media, get the big headline out there. Even if there is no substance it’s all about the headline. Jabba will be busy deflecting. But just now he must feel like a punch drunk fighter getting hit from all sides.
    Morelos must be thinking, what the feck are they doing to me, I don’t mind a laugh and a joke but feck a pantomine.

  11. Just dawned on me that there are so many fires to put out at Ibrox that the reason we come up with so many different ideas for the regular deflections is just that: there really is a hell of a lot of problems for TRFC to deflect from. What's more, we have no idea of just how many problems they've had/continue to have that the deflections have successfully deflected everyone from. A bit of the old known knowns, known unknowns and unknown unknowns.

    I suspect that all football clubs, and all other businesses, have major problems from time to time, and minor ones that are ongoing, that we, the general public, never hear about. The problem for TRFC/RIFC is that there is an amazing amount of problems that we all know they've had that were resolved to their detriment while many are ongoing and almost certain to also be resolved to their detriment eventually. So many very expensive problems, so just imagine if, within all those deflections, some have been highly successful, indeed! Imagine if this current extra high level of p*sh is actually very clever PR, deflecting from something none of us have even guessed at!

    All this is pure conjecture on my part, of course, but I'm pretty certain that, while in the same way that not all that's been reported about TRFC on social media has been accurate, there could/will be just as many serious problems that have gone unnoticed that we will never know about.

    It's a long shot, I know, but just imagine if Traynor is actually a very gifted PR guru!!!

  12. Craig Whyte: I edited Rangers stories before they were printed

    Ex-Rangers owner Craig Whyte made the claims in his new book


    Ex-Rangers owner Craig Whyte made the claims in his new book


    FORMER Rangers owner Craig Whyte has sensationally claimed that he used to “correct” the stories of Jim Traynor – then a journalist at the Daily Record – before they went to print.

    Into The Bear Pit, Whyte’s autobiography due to be released next Friday, sees Whyte – who bought Rangers from David Murray for £1 in 2011 – also claim that he was able to get stories “pulled” from the Scottish press whenever he wanted.

    READ MORE: The Kicker: Here's why Craig Whyte's book is utter mince

    He also tells of his shock when the Record and Traynor – now the PR chief at Rangers – wrongly called him a “billionaire” in an infamous front-page headline.

    Whyte claims: “Jim Traynor used to send me his articles through before he’d print them, and I’d correct them for him. In the pre-internet days, Murray must have had complete control. Some journalists were happy to have a good relationship with Rangers if that meant getting stories, even if as a result it became difficult to criticise the club.

    Glasgow Times:

    “Traynor had got in touch … about a month after I went into Ibrox. We went for lunch at the Rogano restaurant and from that day he hounded me for a job. I was never that impressed with him. I would soon discover he could fly with the wind.”

    Traynor hit back last night at Whyte’s claims, telling the Glasgow Times: “The truth about him is well-known. He was merely a pawn in a strategy – played out perfectly by the Record team at the time. So I can understand that he was ultimately and rightly exposed. You’d have thought the pound would have dropped by now.”

    READ MORE: Petition launched for BBC to reinstate Michael Stewart

    In the book, Whyte also said he could phone up newspapers to get rid of bad stories. “I had dinners with all the editors and learned very quickly that if there was a negative story I could call some of them up and have a pretty good chance of getting it stopped. With the Daily Record I had a 100% chance, and it was the same with The Sun.

    “I used to call the editor of The Herald. I had a 50-50 chance of getting things stopped there. If it didn’t get stopped, you threatened them with withdrawal of access, that they wouldn’t get stories.”

    READ MORE: 15 of the most incredible quotes from Craig Whyte's new Rangers book

    He then describes picking up the Daily Record on the day the newspaper printed the news he was going to buy Rangers: “The front page screamed: ‘BILLIONAIRE SCOT TO BUY RANGERS FOR £30m.’ What the hell?! Billionaire?! How had they come to that?

    “I soon found out. In response to the enquiries from journalists, Ian McKerron had put together a small biography of me, and had said I had a billion under management.

    “Clearly the Record hadn’t understood there is a world of difference between assets under management and assets that you own. Maybe it was a reasonable mistake to make, but it wasn’t true.”

    The piece, written by Traynor, claimed talks were at an advanced stage, though Whyte claims this was not the case after only meeting Murray once until that point.

    Claims by Traynor that then Rangers manager Walter Smith would have a “massive sum” to spend in the following January were also wide of the mark, according to Whyte.

    “The Scottish Sun went further and said: ‘RANGERS SOLD BY XMAS,” added Whyte.

    The Daily Record and The Scottish Sun have declined to comment.

  13. “…imagine if Traynor is actually a very gifted PR guru!!!…”

    Right Allyjambo: you’ve finally outed yourself as Jabba!  enlightened


    You’re right of course.

    Traynor could be doing a fantastic job for a very challenging Client, all things considered.


    But my gut feeling is that Traynor is a similar character to those occupying the Blue Room: an unethical chancer, who has bullsh!ted his way throughout his working life.

    The prime example?

    Traynor’s seamless transition from p!sh poor footy pundit to a PR ‘expert’. 

    And talking of unknowns, etc. when it comes to PR management, IMO, Traynor simply doesn’t know what he doesn’t know!  

  14. StevieBC 8th February 2020 at 13:05


    “But my gut feeling is that Traynor is a similar character to those occupying the Blue Room: an unethical chancer, who has bullsh!ted his way throughout his working life.”

    In my opinion, Stevie, you’ve just precis’d the job description of the perfect PR man, though I have to admit, your opinion of Traynor matches mine.

    Still, however good or bad a PR man Traynor is, the ludicrous stories he’s pushing now can’t just be to deflect from what we already know ie RIFC/TRFC are low on/out of cash and were in desperate need to sell Morelos plus the rest, have numerous court cases to settle, the Close loan to pay back and all the while keeping their support onside. You don’t have to be a half-decent PR man to come up with some deflection that doesn’t make your client look even more stupid than they already did, not when you’ve got the media in the palm of your hand. And after all this time of ever more obvious lying PR, the club keep paying him for this BS. He’s either doing a good job, or they just can’t fire him. I’d suspect that if Jim Traynor is not doing a good job, then he has one of those ‘onerous contracts’ we used to hear about from PMGB.


  15. On page23 of today's 'The Scotsman' we have John McLellan under the heading  'A timely reminder of the  power of the 'Press' ' using  the McKay scandal as an opportunity for  bit of SNP bashing (McLellan, of course, is a former editor of the Scotsman and  was communications director for the Scottish Tories and media advisor to Ruth Davidson, so we know where he's coming from)' 

    We know the power of the Press, thank you, Mr McLellan: we have watched that power over the last decade  not as  a power for good, but for evil , protecting at the expense of truth 

    first ,a dishonest,cheating Football Club and its majority share-holder  ,

    second, a dishonest, deceitful, Football governance body,

    third, a dishonest new football club claiming falsely the sporting achievements and honours of a defunct club and marketing itself as being that defunct club

    And on the back page of the 'Weekend Sport' supplement of the same paper (a whole half a page!) we have Alan Pattullo's 'advertisement' for CW's book.

    The second sentence of the 'advert reads'  "On 14 February, eight years to the day after Rangers plunged into administration……….comes Craig Whyte' memoirs"

    No mention, of course, that Rangers never came out of Administration, but went into Liquidation and ceased to be a shareholder in the SPL and ceased to be entitled to membership of the SFA.

    That is, not all the truth is being told.


    Trumpeting about the power of the Press? Josef Goebbels could do as much.

    Trouble is, Truth is indivisible.

    And using the power of the Press to support and defend a lie is to betray a Goebbels-like attitude.

    If journalists are scared to report simple sporting matters truthfully, what greater evils might they also choose not to report?




  16. StevieBC 8th February 2020 at 13:05

    “an unethical chancer, who has bullsh!ted his way throughout his working life.”

    Bullshat, shurely. (Ed)

  17. Graham Spiers has a half decent article in today's Times about Translategate. pointing out that it is no wonder football fans are so mistrusting of the media. I note Spiers no longer gets work from the BBC either. The same BBC who have yet to mention the false translation of the Morelos interview, but who were happy to banner headline about the racism he suffers before we knew the subtitles had been made up. 

    On another note I remain mystified as to why Rangers have yet to issue a statement on the matter, given the interview was inside their Training Ground, and the player was misrepresented. 

  18. StevieBC 8th February 2020 at 15:15

    I stand / sit corrected… and I duly defer to your superior bullshittery. 

    – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

    As well you should, sir, given my propensity for same. yes

  19. Avataradam812 8th February 2020 at 16:32 A short piece about Translategate on the 7th on The Nine The Nine, 07/02/2020: http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/m000f4hg via @bbciplayer


    I couldn't find the piece you refer to, but did you notice the piece on White's book where Chris McŁaughlin talks of the club (Rangers) entering administration…and subsequent liquidation. Maybe Michael Stewart has a mate at the BBC who knows how vile Traynor and TRFC can be.

    The piece is timed around 15 mins.

  20. Allyjambo 8th February 2020 at 22:09

    '….Maybe Michael Stewart has a mate at the BBC who knows how vile Traynor and TRFC can be.'


    It's no secret that Chris McLaughlin is the one banned from Ibrox for telling it as it is. 

    To be more fair to the BBC than they actually deserve, although they persist in denying discussion of the death of RFC of 1872 ,and propagating the myth of that club's continuing existence (on the programmes and by staff whom they control) they at least have not caved in to the idea that a football club can dictate to them which reporter should be permitted access to Ibrox.

    That would be a step too far, and one that BBC London would not approve or permit.

    BBC Scotland was, however,  happy  enough to allow the succulent lamb eaters to do their sickening sycophantic crawling to SDM and bathe rapturously in the arch-cheat's favour while neglecting their duty to their profession as 'journalists'

    God, how I contemn them.



  21. I have sent this email :


    8 Feb at 22:52

    Hello, Rachel Mortimer.

    It’s late on a Saturday  night, but I have just read your piece about the FCA’s deficiencies  in the matter of correspondence handling.
    Here is a summary of my ‘correspondence-with-the FCA’ saga.

    [ and here I listed in date order and summarised all the correspondence since 25 June] 

    Now[I continued], I know that snail mail can get lost in the post, and my having put not quite the correct postcode on three of the four letters would not have helped: – but for  four letters from the same individual to two separate officers of a company not to be found? (and I did have , for the fourth letter, a Royal mail tracking receipt!)

    And as for emails (which my own pc shows as having been sent) can they be accidentally lost, irretrievably?

    At the very least, that would betoken gross carelessness and/or indifference in the matter of monitoring incoming stuff.

    And when the reason for my communicating with the FCA was to suggest that they themselves had been in breach of their statutory duty in authorising a particular IPO Prospectus it might be that there other reasons why I have not received any kind of substantive reply!

    Below are the emails I sent to the FCA’s Mr Scrivener [ God forgive me, but I actually was beginning to think I was being practised upon by some joker, or perhaps ‘Mr Scrivener’ is the name used by whichever member of staff happens to be clearing the inbox at any given time, like ‘Bob’ used to be in my day]

    The other email correspondence can of course, be copied to you if you particularly want to see the to-ing and fro-ing, but I’ll give you the most recent as evidence that I’ve had no substantive reply to my original letter of June last year:

    “Complaints Scheme complaints@fca.org.uk

    3 Feb at 09:48

    Thank you for contacting the FCA’s Complaints Team. We will aim to respond to your email within 5 working days.
    Please note that our normal business hours are 09:00-17:00 daily, excluding weekends and Bank holidays. To find out more about the work of the Complaints Team please click here ”

    I don’t  expect ( although I would love it if you were to be ) that you will be particularly interested in whether the FCA authorisation of an IPO issued by a holding company which implies that its principal business is the running of what had been, before it went into Liquidation, the most successful football club in the world, instead of a football club newly created and newly admitted as a football club in 2012!

    But if you could just get the FCA to reply to me to explain on what grounds they believed that the RIFC plc IPO published in 2012 was not written in such a way as to mislead potential investors, I would be very happy.

    And I think it is a little worrying that Andrew Bailey is now  Chairman of the Bank of England: I hope he has people who run a better correspondence unit than he appears to have had at the FCA.

    Yours in peace, happiness and the light of truth, or, more conventionally, 
    yours sincerely,



  22. Good luck with your latest effort John.


    Over on Sentinel Celts there is a poster, an ex referee, who has been having problems getting answers from the SFA.  He won’t be the first person in that position!  He is about to raise it to UEFA. 

    Some folk don’t like awkward questions.


    Likewise, good luck to him.

  23. I thought it was Kieth Jackson who created the myth of the Motherwell Billionaire with wealth off the radar.

    As for Whyte's allusion to having a billion quid of assets 'under management'? LMAO.

    The biggest threat to Sevco is RIFC. Or, to put it bluntly, Dave King. RIFC owes him £5 million. He has the most significant shareholding. He is persona non grata in the financial community. He is the millstone around Sevco's brass neck.

    TRFC really has to be sold off to survive, but King will want his pounds of flesh. He is a bigger drawback to Sevco than an elephant's prepuce. The longer this standoff continues the lower the price will be for TRFC.

    As for Traynor? I have a suspicion that he is finished. Hence the lack of 'statement' Friday and Gerrard's silence on the Morelos matter.

    Of course, these are just my opinionated opinions.

    As a quick aside. What are Celtic doing accumulating capital of over £30 million in the Bank? Does anyone find this suspicious?


  24. jimbo 9th February 2020 at 00:25

    '.Good luck with your latest effort John.'


    Thank you, jimbo.

    And you and I both know that we can go beddy-bys with a conscience clear of betrayal of duty, of office, and of sports cheating and business lying.

    God rot the rotten baster.s who have so sullied our game, and who sleep uneasily in their beds waiting for Truth to nail them as the liars and cheats that they KNOW that they are.

    And that's the thing-they know!

  25. finnmccool 9th February 2020 at 00:43

    '…He is a bigger drawback to Sevco than an elephant's prepuce.'


    Ah, man, that deserves a literary prize!broken heartbroken heart

  26. Finnmccool@00.43

    As a quick aside. What are Celtic doing accumulating capital of over £30 million in the Bank? Does anyone find this suspicious?

    Making the club more saleable I would suggest.

  27. finnmccool 9th February 2020 at 00:43



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    I thought it was Kieth Jackson who created the myth of the Motherwell Billionaire with wealth off the radar.
    He just prints what he is told. I believe he once said.
    As a quick aside. What are Celtic doing accumulating capital of over £30 million in the Bank? Does anyone find this suspicious?
    No. They have a Hotel to build, a fan zone to create and now have bought land to turn into a disabled parking area. And enough left over to sustain another disaster from an ibrox club

  28. Ex Ludo 9th February 2020 at 08:36


    As a quick aside. What are Celtic doing accumulating capital of over £30 million in the Bank? Does anyone find this suspicious?

    Making the club more saleable I would suggest.


    Personally I see nothing untoward. They have to fund infrastructure too, and have planning permission for a new full size indoor pitch at Barrowfield as well as the hotel at the stadium. Also, given the number of qualifying rounds for the Champions League they have to have resilience in place should they fail to qualify. 

    I am as annoyed at the lack of action by the Celtic Board over Res. 12 as anyone, but sometimes I find it difficult to comprehend why they receive so much criticism on how they run the club. 


  29. https://www.heraldscotland.com/news/18222003.anger-thousands-fans-owed-millions-rangers-liquidation-set-lose-money/
    Anger as thousands of fans owed millions from Rangers liquidation set to lose out
    Don’t know why this story is getting aired today
    Back in Dec Easyjambo let us know that only about 20% of debenture holders had made claims and the rest were now time barred.
    Taken from the BDO report i believe back in December.
    Has someone got a book out or something and he needs to be portrayed in a bad light?

  30. upthehoops 9th February 2020 at 11:17
    and have planning permission for a new full size indoor pitch at Barrowfield as well
    Thanks i had forgot about that.
    And with that all in mind do you believe £30 million in the Bank is enough to cover all that?

  31. Ex Ludo 9th February 2020 at 08:36



    As a quick aside. What are Celtic doing accumulating capital of over £30 million in the Bank? Does anyone find this suspicious?

    Making the club more saleable I would suggest.


    Who would you suggest intends selling their shares, it's a PLC, so selling "the club" really isn't an option as far as I am aware. 

    Celtic are "accumulating capital" because they are making more money than they are earning and have various capital projects planned. They are also providing a buffer for failing to qualify for the champions league, or being able to sell a player in order to make up the shortfall.

    Its called planning.

  32. Cluster One 9th February 2020 at 11:27


    Things like this also make me laugh. Trying to make it look like its not actually Rangers.

     "… the liquidators of RFC 2012 plc,"

    That would be the new name for

    THE RANGERS FOOTBALL CLUB P.L.C.              27 May 1899 – 31 Jul 2012

    Would it not.

  33. Homunculus@11.38

    It’s never a bad thing to have money put away for a rainy day and no one could argue that the Celtic business model isn’t working on and off the park. There was some stories circulating a couple of months ago that Dermot Desmond was preparing to sell shares and there was interest from the US. That has all gone quiet now but the profits continue upwards. 

  34. Homunculus 9th February 2020 at 11:44 Cluster One 9th February 2020 at 11:27 ===================================== Things like this also make me laugh. Trying to make it look like its not actually Rangers. "… the liquidators of RFC 2012 plc," That would be the new name for THE RANGERS FOOTBALL CLUB P.L.C. 27 May 1899 – 31 Jul 2012 Would it not.


    Your post just made me realise how strange the world of Scottish football is. Sevco (Scotland) Ltd changed it's name to The Rangers FC Ltd and 'became' 'Rangers', while Rangers changed it's name to RFC 2012 and became 'not The Rangers Football Club PLC'.

    In short; subterfuge*.

    *Subterfuge, deceit used in order to achieve one's goal.

  35. Allyjambo 9th February 2020 at 13:47


    Exactly the point of the exercise.

    The name "RFC 2012 plc" even suggests it's the year it was formed, as opposed to the year it died.

  36. Homunculus 9th February 2020 at 11:44

    '…..trying to make it look like its not actually Rangers..'

    Allyjambo 9th February 2020 at 13:47 ,stiff-armed'

    '..In short; subterfuge.'


    You beat me to it, gentlemen!

    How ill-served we have been by the Herald (may it go bust before very much longer) and the general run of the SMSM in such a banal matter as the death of a football club!

    What would editors and journalists of that type be like in any major political crisis where their personal freedom and possibly their lives would be at stake if they did not toe the party line? 

    I can see them as sleek and prosperous collaborators obediently eating their succulent lamb as they churned out propaganda sheets at the bidding of a latter-day  gauleiter, while shouting 'ja wohl!'

    They are a disgrace to their profession.



  37. Hello, Long, long-time lurker. Since RTC days, in fact. I have never felt the need to post because I believe I couldn't offer anything worthwhile. Maybe now. I checked out bookies to find out the odds on Rangers Mark II going into liquidation, either before the season ends or before next season begins. Nada. None biting. Not a biggie, but thought might be of interest.

  38. In case you missed it – an interesting piece from Gordon Waddell on Translategate. It’s worth reading the whole article, I think. Excerpts below:


    ‘When they exercise this level of control over three minutes of banality from a Glen Kamara or a Steven Davis, are we honestly expected to believe they somehow relinquished it so completely and absolutely last week for Morelos?’

    ‘He has played 129 games, scored 76 goals, been sent off seven times – not one single interview, beyond a club TV puff piece when they allowed a Portuguese broadcaster to speak to him after the Porto game in October.’

    ‘Yet in a week when he’s front-page news, back-page news and on virtually every page in between, he does an interview with the Formula 1 reporter from the Scottish game’s biggest rights holders, inside their training ground, and there’s zero knowledge of, or control over, a single word that comes out of his mouth? Or maybe more saliently, the words that don’t come out of his mouth?’

    ‘If this was the BBC that had misrepresented their star player, Rangers fans and their various representative bodies would be heading for Pacific Quay with pitchforks and torches.

    Where are the official statements of outrage, demanding bans?

    Sky were there on Friday at the training ground, business as usual. Are Club1872 not up in arms? And if not, why not?’




  39. Peter, I have heard, like you, many times in the past that Rangers Mk2 are heading for the gutter.  Most of the time I agreed.  But they always seem to avoid it.  With the help of rich directors.  But rumour has it that that particular source of help has dried up.  Close Bros. have to be paid back so that is no help.  One thing is for sure, they are spending more than they earn.   I’m no expert but a takeover seems the only solution to me.   Unless of course they reduce their spending considerably.

    It is interesting that the bookies are not taking bets on it but I don’t know how much to read into that.


    Once again I will just have to wait and see!

  40. Yes Jimbo – they seem to avoid the Administration/Liquidation iceberg on a regular basis for the reasons outlined by you..

    I believe this could last (God knows how!) until TIAR hits the fan – if indeed it does.

    The TRFC ‘raison d’etre’ (i.e. stopping it) will only then be well and truly ‘goosed’.

    Till then – onward SEVCO Soldiers (Irony)!

  41. Jingsojimsie@19.22

    The piece by Gordon Waddell suggests he has been doing some research on the Internet prior to writing his article. That very question of the lack of response has been mooted on here and on Twitter. That there has been no outrage from Club72 might be as a result of pressure from the blue room in the hope that it will all go away. I would suggest that Club72 would not rock the boat because they have bought into the narrative that everybody hates them and they really don’t care.

  42. tony 9th February 2020 at 20:55

    daily record went rogue…


    Dare I say it: that's a decent article from Waddell!

    It gives an interesting insight into the media game.

    Only questions are: why has he written it – and for whom?


  43. Given that Rangers* are desperate for funds to see out the season then why are they not taking Skysports to task for the misrepresentation of their player , why have they not even issued a statement on their concerns , why have I not included a question mark ? Rhetorical ? Correct . It's blatantly obvious what has gone on here and with Craig Whyte confirming what most of us already knew it really has been a bad week for PR at Ibrox. 

    There seems to be a Mexican stand off at Board level , King has not left the building and I doubt he will do without recouping as much of his investment as possible . He is just one of the hands held out for some cash , Close Brothers and the need to fund the shortfall are all in competition for whatever is left in the kitty. With King onboard there is zero possibility of investment , if Close aren't paid off then assets are seized and litigation follows , if the shortfall isn't addressed then they must call in administrators or they will be trading while insolvent . We haven't even touched on Ashleys claim or the fact they have no kit deal signed up for next season . Who in their right mind would launch a takeover deal for this basket case of asses (sic)? For me January was the last chance saloon to get the books in order by launching a clear out of any saleable players and reducing running costs . I cannot see of any possibility they can break even in the accounts and a licence for Europe is hanging by a thread . It has become so ridiculous that a loan player is now being valued at €100m after 1 goal against Hibs . 

  44. Still tumbleweed down Ibrox way regarding the translation of the Morelos interview. Where are the frothing at the mouth statements, promising retribution?

    It's fairly easy to conclude what has gone on here. Sky are not innocent, but I am sure they would be quite happy to throw those responsible for handing them the translation under a bus. Meanwhile the national broadcaster can't even bring itself to mention the incident. 

    They say the truth will always get you in the end, and sometimes I look around myself in life and see liars, cheats, and downright evil bastards prospering, and I wonder whether that is actually the case. Perhaps this time it will be though. 

  45. Monday column: The truth about Craig Whyte and the Daily Record…

    Craig Whyte's Rangers power myth and the real facts behind his claims – Jackson

    The hated former owner has a book out soon and Keith has explained why a lot of what Whyte says can't be trusted.


    There's a bit of rewriting of history as he seeks to distance himself from former colleagues Jim Traynor and Bruce Waddell. He also blames Waddell for his "wealth off the radar" claim.

    His claims about revealing the source of Whyte's funds, apparently "splashed across the back page of the Daily Record on June 14, 2011",  are accompanied by a picture of a back page dated 31 January 2012 with the Ticketus exclusive.

    The mortgaging of Season Tickets had been discussed on RTC as soon as the security documents appeared at Companies House. As I posted 3 weeks ago, one poster had identified Ticketus as the likely source of the funds as early as 5 June 2011.

    johnbhoy says: 05/06/2011 at 5:35 pm

    i reckon the probable solution to this is the most obvious.
    it’s season tickets we’re talking about here.
    who gives out loans against future season ticket revenue? ticketus.
    so what’s happened here?
    whyte has pledged future rangers season ticket cash to pay for his takeover.

  46. http://southafrica.trendolizer.com/2020/02/dave-king-held-at-gunpoint-during-terrifying-south-africa-robbery.html

    The only reference I can find to King's allegations of robbery at gunpoint ( 7 days ago) is in the SMSM ,when searching the Sth African Press all I find is a link to reports in Scotland. Anyone else find it strange that the Sth African Press would get their news about crime in Sth Africa from news outlets in Scotland . There are no quotes from the Sth African police to validate anything just the word "alleges" from the Press (North and South of the Limpopo) . Would King lie ? Would Traynor facilitate the story without checking the facts ? Would the SMSM?  What purpose does it serve ? A distraction from recent events , gain sympathy , a future excuse for the hacking of his wealth that limits his ability to function. According to King this is the 3rd armed robbery on himself and family recently, surely there would be a police report to validate these allegations or an insurance claim . Maybe this is one for an investigative journalist to follow up . After taking advice from a Judge in Sth Africa I'm not prepared to believe it unless it is backed up by written evidence.

  47.      A bad week for the SMSM, who, as things stand, have been trapped in their own web of lies over Hen Broon brake-line snippers, and the translategate deflection plan. 

        Now Klaxon has thrust forward his disclaimer notice and spoiler spiel before the claims are even officially revealed as legal tender…………..There is fear in the air. "Duped" is the buzz-word of the dilemma.

         Is it honestly fact, that so many hacks can be duped by ridiculousness, while reams of documented and authenticated information passed to them, time-lined and catalogued, were dismissed as an, "Attempted Duping"……….Really?..

        Or is it honestly fact, that a campaign of deflection and mis-information was willingly entered into by those entrusted to shine a light in dark corners, where Sevco fans feared to tread.

       The SKY VTR has libelled, or slandered, Celtic FC and the Scottish game in general, on a loop, on a global reach broadcast. That is a legal matter…..If it transpires that a SFA member club was involved, it becomes an SFA matter. 

        If it transpires that no clubs were involved, but the player or his representatives that were at the libellous duping, it is also a legal AND SFA matter.

         On the "Bringing the game into disrepute", scale….I'd say it was off the radar.

    Silence is golden……Has the fat slug not here to defend himself been given his jotters?




  48. Just re read the DR article 

    “One of them said, ‘Where’s your money?’, so I took all my cash out and gave it to them. They took my laptop, my case, my drivers’ licence, diary, phone and all the things I need to function.” Would be catastrophic if this limits Kings ability to fund the shortfall,pay back Close Leasing, sort out a kit deal , re pay Ashley …………..

  49. Timtim 10th February 2020 at 11:53 

              Just re read the DR article “One of them said, ‘Where’s your money?’, so I took all my cash out and gave it to them. They took my laptop, my case, my drivers’ licence, diary, phone and all the things I need to function.” Would be catastrophic if this limits Kings ability to fund the shortfall,pay back Close Leasing, sort out a kit deal , re pay Ashley. 


         I think it more likely he is being tactical and threatening his auld pals that he just might not bugger aff efter a'……….That's a' they need ! 

    Maybe it was a rogue band of Private Eyes who mugged him. mail.  

  50. Timtim 10th February 2020 at 11:53


    My first thought too. Perhaps the people at this end have been finding it difficult to contact him recently.

  51. Timtim 10th February 2020 at 11:53

    '..“One of them said, ‘Where’s your money?’, '


    I believe he was  asked that question a few times by certain tax inspectors  some years ago?broken heart


  52. easyJambo 10th February 2020 at 10:21




    He was as wrong then as he is now.

    Ticketus did not provide loans secured on future season ticket sales, Whyte did not mortgage anything to get money from them.

    The tickets were sold to Ticketus at a heavy discount, providing the cash in advance. I think Rangers were already doing that to assist cash flow at the end of the season, as do other clubs.

    The tickets were then to be sold at face value, by the club, with the profit going to Ticketus (minus an administration fee). That way the fans thought they were buying their tickets from the club.

    That is Ticketus' standard  operating model. It helps struggling clubs with cashflow but is very costly as you are spending next season's income. In Rangers case several future seasons' money (or a large part of it) has been spent.

    That article, and I use the word incorrectly is a pathetic attempt at saying "it wisnae ma fault a big boy made me do it, but I tried to fix it" and he can't even get his facts right when he says it.

    Jackson is as much to blame, for selling Whyte to the Rangers support, as anyone else outside of the club. He played an important role in getting Whyte into power at Rangers and his latest is a pathetic attempt at trying to get the support back onside. No wonder print media in this country is on it's last legs. 

  53.  "I was dragged into this ‘wealth off the radar’ charade having been instructed to write a puff piece by Waddell .'

    Ja wohl, mein Fuhrer!

    Nothing like doing a bit of investigative journalism on your own initiative, is there, Keef?


  54. Homunculus 10th February 2020 at 13:43  

    easyJambo 10th February 2020 at 10:21 https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/craig-whytes-rangers-power-myth-21464319


    He was as wrong then as he is now.


         Bottom line being that if, for whatever reason, the sale to wee Craigy never took place, Minty would be left holding the black ball with the ever shortening fuse burning.

  55. It’s interesting in the latest recantation from the DR and Keith Jackson that the principal player in this long running omnishambles is rarely mentioned and never criticised by the SMSM. Such power still being exercised by the liege Lord.

  56. A quote from the Daily Ranger "muggingate"

    "Afterwards there was a growing anger within me. I was angry about the violation and that I am living in a country which no longers appears to have a rule of law."


    From a man who has spent a lifetime holding two fingers up to the law. As some might say, "he widnae get a red face at a bonfire"

  57. Is Keith Jackson's column an example (or a collection of examples) of Cognitive Dissonance?

    Over the past week or two, it appears to this layman that the SMSM's (and not just KJ's) Cognitive Consistency is creaking at the edges…

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