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  1. ; I think that we have here is a perfectly usable resource thet’s not being utilised so the weans take over  and all is well until the adults get involved and frown,or worse .  Maybe Ernie will pay a visit again and entertain us with his musical choices . It’s all education to me .

  2. Paddy, ya big eejit.  We have a new forum for us.
    When you sign on there is a black strip along the top.  Click on forums.  Then click on  Forum<Erniebeechat, then make a choice.  Probably Music Tastes on SFM.

    See you there.  I’ve left a lovely song for you.

  3. Well, Ive found my home.  In the site I love. as a columnist, not in the front page.  Good.

    The front page is about all the things we care about, you know what.

    But life is about so much more.  Everyone of you know that.  I feel that the multi club friendships, against bigotry and sectarianism, favouritism and cheating by those at Hampden is a common bond.

    But that aside,  we are human beings.  With loves outside football.  We should never be a single issue inteligencia with our noses so stuck up our rectums that we become a boring, Tory broadsheet.

  4. This one is for BP

    Despite his cold, hard exterior, there is a heart of gold. This site would not exist but for him digging deep into his pockets. And just listen to him on his podcasts. Sorry Tris, don’t know you.

  5. Good song choices Jimbo. I do like Coldplay despite the lead singer being a bit of a prat. Glad to see your spirit has not been broken by recent events on the main blog. At the end of the day, everyone who contributes to this blog are all after the same thing – transparency, fairness and honesty in the game. I wish there were more Rangers fans taking part in the debates as the fundamentals being pushed for on here would actually help our club more than any other! If enough of us with hard enough skin who won’t be put off by views that are maybe different to our own could work together to rid the game of the Kings, and the crooks in the SFA it would only help Rangers as well as the rest of Scottish football

  6. Ive just thought of a great way to mix Coldplay with football.  Chris Martin is Henrik Lasrson and the Scottish guitarist with them is Billy McNeil.

  7. I think I’m getting punished in some way.  I couldn’t correct my misspelling of Henrik.  BP in a bad mood.  I don’t care, I’m on my todd. Enjoying my wee chats.   God love you BP & Tris Respect

  8. You know what I would like?  If Ernie B came back on.  Talking like a normal person instead of a robot from level 5.

  9. Something all you guitarist folk should know. 

    I love Bass guitarists.   They are unseen, unspoken heroes of groups.

  10. Went to see the great man in the year of culture (as if Glasgow ever needed that accolade) in the Secc


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