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  1. Struggling to think of a song for BP.  I did go to two concerts in the Apollo with Deep Purple.  I’ll have look.  No couldn’t find the original group.

    Think I’ll turn to Punk.

    Ah yes the Sex Pistols when guitars were real genuine guitars.

  2. Right, I’ve only got about a glass and a half left of Lambrini.  So this one will need to suit you all.  A crowd pleaser.

    This is it never fails in Benidorm:

  3. Told you all this would be a sport related music thingy.

    I can just imagine BP and his squad doing this number with a gorgeous girl at the front.

    No I can’t.

    Anyway on we go.
    Blue Order for the Bears on here.  I know I don’t like it either but you leave me with little choice.  I tried Blue Eyes last night with Elton John and it went down like a brick.

  4. This might be my last offering of the night all you pop pickers.  A lovely lady whom I never met.

    I dedicate this to Dark Before Dawn.  My favourite Bear on here.  This is for you son.

  5. Somethings going badly wrong.  This is it Dark Before Dawn.

    ( I think Tris and BP are messing about)

    Ah that is it.

  6. I can see a problem.  All my customers posts are appearing in the list of ‘recent posts’.  Why don’t you exclude posts to Ernie B from the ‘recent posts list?

  7. Seeing as it is Sunday this is a lovely song whether you’re of a religious persuasion or not.

    The Byrds,  Turn Turn Turn.

    The football connection is in the words.  It contains ‘season’.

    “To Everything (Turn, Turn, Turn)There is a season (Turn, Turn, Turn)And a time to every purpose, under Heaven”

  8. Another one for Sunday.  My Sweet Lord – George Harrison.

    From the album All things must PASS.  (Pass being the football connection)

    Wish my own team would pass better at times.

  9. OK, since you’ve posted something by The Byrds, how about another – “I’ll Feel A Whole Better”, a great song by Gene Clark and the B side of the 45 “All I Really Want To Do”.  This was also covered by Tom Petty.  Gene Clark and Tom Petty, both sadly gone!

    I’ll feel a whole lot better when Sevco start to live within their means?

  10. Enjoyed that Gaslamp.  I always liked the Byrds that twangy guitar sound and great vocal harmonies.

    ‘All I really want to do’  Getting nostalgic now.  04

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