Questions, questions, questions

As SFM folk will know, Scottish Football authorities can be enigmatic at best, puzzling and corrupt at worst, and downright crazy and incompetent in either situation. On this blog over the years, we have asked questions constantly of the authorities and the clubs, but like anyone with a fan-centred interest at heart we get ignored. … Read more

Moving On Time?

Football is indeed a funny old game. In a year of pandemic misery our national sport has lifted the spirits of a tired and cynical nation. Dominic Cummings is leaving number 10, the Brexit deal hasn’t been done, lockdown is on the horizon in the West of Scotland, etc. BUT all we want to do … Read more

The Last Thing Scottish Football Needs Right Now ..

.. is More Secrecy We all now know Lord Clark’s judgement on Friday has kicked off an arbitration process to solve the case raised by Hearts, Partick and their sleeping partner, Stranraer. He seemingly had no option and did this because it is the “pre-decided” SFA procedure for football disputes. Accordingly three qualified persons will … Read more

Les Says It is Time to Ask The Audience?

Saying the last couple of weeks has been colourful for Scottish Football would be an understatement. We are now in a position where we have a Taskforce co-chaired by the heads of two clubs to look at what needs to be done in the Covid 19 landscape right now and into whatever future unfolds. Representatives … Read more

SPFL Myopia Flares into Civil War

The Covid 19 Pandemic is a truly serious game-changing situation for us all.We are all currently staring into a future with no declared road map exit ofhow we might move back to normality and the certainty of disruption now andlong into the future. Against the background of lockdown to curb the virus spread we have all … Read more

Own Goal Time in Scottish Football?

In these difficult Covid 19 dominated times with no apparent roadmap for escape we are all on the cusp of financial pressures that will only get worse for our clubs and football communities. Ahead of writing this I spoke with a couple of club insiders this morning looking for extra insight. No surprises that both … Read more